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Enter a bygone world: Mauritius, 1930s to 1950s.

Where the lives of five individuals intersect across sociocultural divides …


There’s Neel, the entrepreneurial son of an indentured labourer, driven to escape poverty; Camille, a girl coming of age in a conservative family devoted to Confucian values; Ai, a new immigrant seeking refuge and a sense of belonging; Marilou, the fragile ingénue; and Pierre, the debauched heir engaging in a side hustle of drug trafficking.


Five unlikely individuals impacted by ambition and betrayal. Their lives, like seeds, were sown into the Mauritian soil. Some thrived. Some faltered. Their stories intertwined together against the backdrop of a society rich in diversity on a tucked away tropical paradise.

A percentage of profits from each book sold will be donated to Friends of the Earth.


It took me less than two days to read the book...I was really impressed...everything was so detailed and visual...I could see myself [there]. 

Joyce, radio 3ZZZ

Intriguing read - The stories of the five characters give a glimpse into what this Mauritian island paradise is like.  Despite the dark themes, I found myself getting swept up in all the food references!


Love your work.  Well researched and very cool! I cannot put it down!  Must read.




AC Bux lives in Melbourne with her family members of the two legged and four legged variety.  Unlike George Orwell’s Animal Farm, they co-exist peacefully in their little corner of suburbia replete with an expanding cacti collection and veggie patch.

AC Bux is a regular contributor to the food blog, Eat and Be Merry For Tomorrow We Die(t).  She is a freelance writer for a variety of e-zines and travel apps.  The Sown is her first novel. 


Inspirations from Mauritius





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